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Charity runs programme to get young people to share homes with older people

27th June 2015

The Lloyds Bank Foundation is hoping to encourage the younger generation to share homes with older people, in order to tackle the lack of affordable homes. As there are numerous older people living alone in homes with spare bedrooms, the scheme looks to get younger people moving in, providing they promise to give 10 hours of companionship to the homeowner. This will also help many older people, such as stairlift users who are confined to the home, from becoming isolated and lonely.

Currently, a selection of students, and public sector workers are currently taking part in the scheme, which is being trialled in Oxford with the help of Age UK Oxfordshire and Novus Homeshare. Both parties are expected to pay a fee of £200 in order to cover the cost of running the scheme, and then on top of this, they are both expected to split the cost of the household bills.

Providing independence for older people and affordable housing for younger people

There are three options for those interested in taking part; short-term, academic, and long-term placements. This helps to decide the optimum length and conditions for homeshares, matching young people up to suitable older housemates. The scheme recently received a £2 million investment from the Lloyds Bank Foundation and the Big Lottery Fund, which should help to expand the project in more regions across the country.

In an article published by the Daily Express, a 33-year-old female who signed up to the program a year ago, discusses how she has benefitted from the scheme. Emma said: “The best thing about living in a homeshare arrangement is sharing with a great householder, and also being able to afford to live in London which makes me really happy. If it wasn't for being matched up with a householder through Novus Homeshare I really don’t know where I'd be, it's made a huge difference in my life.”

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