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Clothing and accessories that make life easier

23rd February 2015

For those with disabilities or mobility difficulties who rely on aids such as wheelchairs or stairlifts, getting dressed can become a challenge, although there are now many products available that are designed to make this much easier. Clothing adapted to suit those with particular needs are now both practical and stylish, meaning that people can continue to look great, while also enjoying maximum comfort. Here, we’ve listed a number of items that can make a real difference to those experiencing difficulty when dressing.

Wheelchair blankets

Extra warmth is often needed for wheelchair users, as legs and feet can get cold. There are a variety of wheelchair blankets available on the market, many with colourful designs that can help make a statement if desired.

Orthopaedic shoes

Our feet bear our weight all day, so it pays to care for them well with appropriate footwear. Whether you’re experiencing problems with your heel, ball, arch or ankle, Dr Comfort has a solution for your feet. Inserts can also be purchased, which are simply slipped into footwear that is already owned, meaning that you can continue to wear your own shoes.

Also, as we get older our feet can begin to experience problems such as swelling, which can be made to feel more comfortable with extra roomy footwear, socks and hosiery. Cosyfeet provide a wide variety of warm and cosy shoes and slippers that can be worn both at home and outdoors, while still remaining pleasing to the eye. All styles come with an extra-wide fitting (EEEEE+ for women, and HH+ for men) and are easy to get on and off due to the adjustable fastenings. This makes them great for people with bunions, problem toes, bandaging, orthotics or misshapen feet.

Magnetic copper bracelets

Jewellery is a great way to accessorise any outfit and often gives added personality to the wearer. So, what could be better than a piece of pretty jewellery, which also has health benefits? Magnetic copper bracelets have been used by people suffering with pain from arthritis for many years, as they are thought to eliminate aches due to the metal’s anti-inflammatory effects. Previous studies have shown that copper can be absorbed into the body from the bracelet, which is why it seems possible to provide relief from pain.

Magnetic jewellery comes in a range of designs, from bracelets to rings, and will often cost less than £10 to buy. Many are handcrafted, such as those created by Laurence Butler, and are registered medical devices.

Arthritis merchandise

Those simply wanting to support others with mobility difficulties can do so by purchasing arthritis merchandise, available on Zazzle. From clothing with slogans to accessories such as trucker hats and key rings, there’s an entire range of wardrobe-worthy pieces that can help you make a statement while creating awareness of the condition.

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