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Community transport supported by commercial

16th July 2014

Suffolk Community Transport has launched plans to become one of the region’s most significant commercial training services in a move to better support “local people including the elderly, those with impaired mobility”. By working to make sure community transport operators are more efficient and sustainable it is hoped that the SCT will raise revenue to better support local residents who need it most.

The SCT is looking to develop and expand their business through utilising their position as a unique provider of services that directly affect and help local communities, making life easier for elderly people who rely on such services and devices as supportive stair lifts in order to carry out an independent and full lifestyle.

An ambitious plan

The group has now announced plans to expand their business in order to become one of the area’s most recognised training providers and vehicle hire service. This will include that of business, public and private sectors so that local businesses and residents of all backgrounds will be supported by SCT, as well as helping the transport operator expand in order to keep providing such services and supporting local venture and sustainable economic and social development in Suffolk.

Among the services provided by are not-for-profit vehicle hire, which is available to such not-for-profit groups as those who provide transport and days out for the elderly, and dial-a-ride schemes that help older residents and those with mobility difficulties get out and about. Such services by community transport operators help people attend medical appointments, carry out their shopping and visiting friends and family, which is particularly helpful when they might not have access to other forms of transport or rely on mobility aids.

Having launched a commercial arm it is hoped that SCT will continue its good work in helping the local community, and whilst aids such as assisted riser and recliner chairs allow those with mobility difficulties to be independent at home, services such as these make it easier for those to get out and about that bit more.

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