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Company set to help elderly holidaymakers with adapted accommodation

10th May 2016

A startup company hopes to make travel accommodation more accommodating for those with reduced mobility and the elderly.

Organising the right ‘home from home’ as we jet off on our annual holidays can be more challenging than rewarding at the best times, but when accessibility also factors into our accommodation decision, the frustration builds. At home, moving around is made easier with equipment such as stair lifts, but when venturing beyond this comfort, finding a hotel or otherwise that caters to our needs is a priority.

Now, Accomable wants to help holidaymakers enjoy a new kind of booking experience – one where details about the property can help users determine its suitability. 

Accomable, founded by disabled businessmen Srin Madipalli and Martyn Sibley in 2015, has already made its mark in the tourism industry with 500 properties in 36 countries catering to holidaymakers with special requirements. An additional partnership with the company HomeAway is also in the pipeline, bringing on board a further 1,500 holiday options for those with limited mobility.

The online booking service allows users to find accessible accommodation in their chosen destination by filtering a number of categories that would affect their stay. Being able to choose personal requirements such as support rails and step-free access ensures guests’ comfort and confidence while staying away from home.

Accomable has recently reached £300,000 in funding, which it plans to use to grow the business and provide new adapted accommodation and holiday rental options in more locations around the world.

Founder Madipalli responds: “This investment will enable us to accelerate the growth of Accomable, and become the world’s leading travel-booking platform, not only for people with disabilities but also for the rapidly increasing number of elderly people and people with a mobility issue, who are otherwise scant provided for here in the UK and around the world.

“Our next steps will be to address our growing customer base’s increasing and significant needs, expanding the number of properties we offer whilst also broadening our service provision to include specialist travel insurance and adapted car hire.”

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