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Council invests in elderly independence

5th March 2014

The council in South Tyneside have approved plans to freeze council tax but are still insisting that they intend to do more to promote independence amongst the area’s elderly. Despite rising costs and government cuts, the local council have said that they will continue to provide much-needed stairlifts for disabled residents and use new technology to help older people live independently for longer.

Spending by the council is to be cut by more than £18 million over the next year in addition to a nine percent drop in funding received by the council compared to last year from central government. Despite these cuts, the council is adamant that elderly and vulnerable residents in the borough will continue to receive the care and aid that they deserve. 

Help for the elderly

In order to help people live independently for longer in spite of the recently announced cuts, the council is intending to be smarter with its money by getting better value through adapting their purchasing arrangements for mobility aids. By changing how they procure such aids as hoists and stairlifts for elderly and disabled local residents, the council aims to continue to support its community in their fight to remain independent for longer.

The council is also cutting back on council buildings and taking even greater care over investment in order to spend less on building and more on people. Alongside mobility aids and accessible walk-in baths, the council recognises that a greater focus on using new technology will help older people live independently for longer as they look to spend £65 million improving homes over the next three years.

Similarly, the council have pledged to spend £32 million of their limited funds over the next five years upgrading paths and pavements so that elderly residents in the area and those with restricted mobility can better access facilities outside as well as inside their homes.

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