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Cycling Without Age in Falkirk

16th August 2017


A young 20-year-old medical student in Scotland has taken it upon himself to encourage local adults in care homes to spend more time outside. Fraser Johnston has become a familiar figure about the town of Falkirk as he has jumpstarted a campaign with local volunteers and those who are unable to spend as much time as they wish in nature.

Those who are reliant on a new stairlift, often find themselves struggling to spend much time outside. This may be due to the limited accessibility of the natural landscape, but Fraser has found a way to overcome this. With the help of a trusty trishaw, Fraser has been able to take older residents into nature in a way they rarely experience.

Mary Duncan has enjoyed her rides immensely and persuaded a friend to join her on the experience, which was filmed as part of BBC3’s Amazing Human’s film. Mary Duncan’s Daughter describes these rides of breaking the routine of ‘Home to car, car to coffee shops’, which can often leave people lacking the experience in nature they crave. 


The Cycling Without Age scheme manages 4 to 5 rides a week thanks to its strong network of volunteers, however since the video was put online, the scheme has received an immense response. Mr Johnston received messages from as far away as New Zealand applauding his efforts. Mr Johnston hopes his viral fame will help the volunteers raise another £10,000 to put towards two more three-wheeled cycles.

If you are looking to take a loved one with limited mobility out this summer, choosing an outdoor venue has many positives however they often have limited accessibility. Accessible gardens are always a wonderful choice for older relatives and are a relaxing day out, often with appropriate facilities. 

Image Credit: Ann

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