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Demand for adapted housing for older people set to double

14th December 2013

A London housing committee has published a report that suggests demand for specialist housing adapted for the needs of older people will double over the next 30 years. Self-contained homes that have been adapted with aids such as home stairlifts for the elderly and bathing solutions are what the city needs, according to the committee, with on-site support an added extra that can help to improve quality of life and reduce health service costs.

The London Assembly’s housing committee recently revealed that there are only 60,000 specialist housing spaces in London that are already equipped with walk in showers and baths for the elderly, ramps and other solutions for mobility difficulties. On top of this, the report found that a further 80,000 adapted homes will be needed over the next 30 years to provide the UK’s growing older population with housing that they can make their home for life. Housing that has already been adapted for older people can help ‘future-proof’ a house for the life of its occupant, ensuring that their home can help them stay comfortable and independent for longer if mobility difficulties arise or become more serious.

The London Assembly’s housing committee is reportedly calling for Boris Johnson to encourage the development of specially designed houses that are complete with adaptations whilst also giving its occupants access to on-site support and care, improving the quality of life for those in retirement. Darren Johnson, chair of the housing committee, said, “The mayor must act now to ensure that older people, their councils and developers can work together to build the kind of homes and communities that London needs.”

Whilst there is a need for more housing to be built in the future in London, those who are looking for an independent-living solution now can install items such as a stairlift or walk in shower in their home, providing them with support for everyday tasks.

Source: Demand for specialist retirement housing to double

Image Credit: Richard Lyons (Shutterstock)

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