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Disabled Facilities Grant helps 500 people in Durham

19th September 2013

The Disabled Facilities Grant programme was deemed a success in Durham recently after it emerged that over 500 people benefited from the scheme in the county during 2012-13. The nationwide programme is jointly funded by the government and local county councils, helping adapt the homes of those with mobility difficulties with changes such as widened doors and walk in baths and showers.

The project in Durham has been successful in consideration of the number of people who received help, the length of waiting times and the levels of satisfaction that these people felt. Over 500 people received a Disabled Facilities Grant, the waiting time was an average of 127.3 days, which is well within Durham County Council's target of 151 days, and a satisfaction survey revealed that 99 per cent of users were satisfied with the service.

In England, households can receive a grant of up to £30,000 to cover the cost of installing independent-living aids such as ramps, home stairlifts UK and handrails in order for those who have mobility difficulties to get the items that they need to live comfortably and safely at home. The size of the Disabled Facilities Grant that each individual receives depends on the income of the household and the amount of savings that the household has, and a number of eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled before the council will agree to provide the grant.

Eddie Tomlinson, a Durham County Council councillor, has been delighted with the success of the programme so far, describing it as a "vital service", and has spoken of the importance of the Disabled Facilities Grant: “With an ageing population it’s essential that we continue to help people live independently for as long as they are able."

The Disabled Facilities Grant is one example of help that is available to fund the installation of independent-living aids; visit the Disabled Facilities Grants website to find out how to apply.

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