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Disabled man to stay in home thanks to mystery donation

21st November 2013

A disabled man who has had his property adapted with a curved stairlift solution and the wet room has been saved from eviction by a mystery donor. Matt Pope was given notice that he faced eviction due to his rent arrears, but the donation has meant that he will be able to continue to live in his home.

Pope was sent a letter from Mid Devon District Council to tell him that he was in arrears and that he would have to settle the debt within 28 days, at which point his home would be repossessed if he didn't. Pope took his story to a local newspaper, saying that the bedroom tax had reduced his housing benefit by a significant amount, leaving him unable to pay his rent in full. The house has been recently adapted to help him manage his arthritis, and Pope hoped that he would not be forced to leave his home because over £10,000 had been spent adapting it for him.

A mystery benefactor has now settled Pope's rent arrears, however, which totalled £78.49, and he has since told reporters from the Exeter Express and Echo that it is "brilliant news" and he is very grateful for the support.

This story was originally reported by the Exeter Express and Echo. The story is no longer available in digital format. 

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