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Disabled people are facing a heating dilemma

23rd June 2015

While the majority of us have turned off our heating for the summer, many disabled people are still using their heating, which is causing problems with affording energy costs. Whether it is the need for warmth due to the condition they have, or extra appliances such as fridges for medication, disabled people often have higher energy bills.

Scope research has shown that disabled people can need to spend an average of £550 more on living costs each month, with some people stating that this means they are forced to go without food. This is likely to be affecting some stairlift users, who could be struggling to pay for extra heating or electricity due to their disability, and needs to be addressed in order to prevent poverty for those affected.

Disabled people find themselves facing ‘heat or eat’ dilemma

In a recent article published by the Mirror, advice is given to those who may be suffering with high energy bill costs. This includes applying for special treatment from the supplier, asking for a reduction through the Warm Home Discount scheme, and getting help with insulating the home from energy companies.

One of the people affected by the cost of heating describes to the Mirror how she often has to go without eating, and at the time of being interviewed had not eaten a decent meal in six days. Another describes how her electric meter has not been read for two and a half years, expressing her worry that she now owes a fortune

A church hall in London has recently opened a fuel bank in order to support people who are struggling to pay their heating bills, and provides vouchers that can be used to pay for gas cards or electricity meters. This pilot project is hoping to solve the ‘heat or eat’ dilemma that many disabled people are finding themselves facing.

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