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Disabled ramp to be installed at Alfreton Station

29th May 2014

In some fantastic news for the people of Alfreton, it’s been announced that a disabled ramp will finally be installed at the station following a campaign which lasted two decades.

A development which is sure to benefit those who rely on stairlifts in the home, the ramp will finally be installed following an announcement from the Department of Transport. It is one of 42 stations across the UK that will benefit from the ‘Access for All’ scheme, a £100million government fund that aims to enhance the access available to disabled passengers.

Alfreton station has long been a troublesome stop for those with walking difficulties, particularly as those who alight on the southbound platform 2 are unable to exit the station because of a lack of sufficient access. This has led to many disabled users getting off the train at Nottingham and journeying back up to Alfreton in order to get onto the northern platform and exit the station, increasing their journey time by around 40 miles to safely cross less than 50 yards.

Cut travel time by two hours
While the changes will be outlined at planning stage later this month, the council are likely to be pressing for further improvements to ticket facilities and the waiting room. Scott Walker, leader of the council, has shown his delight on the recent news, stating that the improvements would help to cut the journey times of disabled rail users by two hours.

It’s a great example of facilities across the transport system that are being improved to aid disabled users, ensuring that those who would usually rely on electric rise and recliner chairs at home can now enjoy getting outside and enjoying new experiences.

With Alfreton Station considered among the top 500 busiest stations in the UK, it is clear that the mobility issues needed to be addressed sooner rather than later. 

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