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Dundee’s mobility scheme has successful results

6th June 2017


Often when people think of mobility schemes, there is the assumption that there is a new app, service or product at work. However Xplore have chosen an alternative route, and instead have made efforts to improve the mobility education of Dundee residents.

For many people, bus services are vital to their independence, and this is truer of those who rely on mobility aids such as a modern stair lift. If bus routes are closed or services lacking in mobility features, this can leave many stranded and isolated. Unfortunately many accessible features are often damaged by improper use, such as ramps.

In order to reduce such damage and therefore any inconveniences to those who need to use the facilities, Xplore have invested in individual training sessions with passengers. These sensitive and patient sessions ensure the passenger knows how to board the bus via the ramp, park the scooter in the allocated space, and disembark in a safe and efficient manner. Once this training has been passed the passenger is awarded a permit to identify them. 


After helping many people across Dundee, this scheme has been dubbed a success and could potentially be imitated by other bus providers across the UK.

While some may argue that time and money could be better spent on new services, routes and facilities, others believe that learning how to use and maintain the current facilities effectively, is a far better use of resources.

Improved education ensures all equipment is used to its fullest potential to the maximum length of time, and thus the equipment is more cost effective. Some people believe that if companies followed Xplore’s lead and spent time and money educating their users, the facilities that are currently available would retain a better standard and be available for longer.

Image Credit: Calum Cape

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