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Easy to use online shopping resources

17th October 2016

The 21st century has brought about some great pieces of technology and ideas to ordinary people all over the world. One of the most used daily are the many of hundreds of easy to use online shopping resources, making purchases easier, quicker and accessible for those with reduced mobility. According to The Telegraph, last year over 55s spent a staggering £14 billion on online shopping.

As Ecommerce Guide adds: “The idea that elderly people aren’t using the internet is now extremely outdated. Older age groups are increasingly using social media and shopping online, and online participation is still rising for this group.”

If you aren’t familiar with the wide variety of online shopping website on the internet already, then now is your chance to experience one of life’s simple pleasures! Here are just some of the many online shopping resources for your everyday needs and those purchases that can be harder to find when you can’t make it to the shops, especially in the run-up to the festive season. 



Image credit: Szk7788 (Wikimedia Commons)

The world’s most popular online shopping resource, Amazon, has everything under one roof. From books to the latest gadgets and exercise machines, whatever you are looking for will be able to find it here.

If you need your selected purchase a little quicker, you are able to sign up to Amazon Prime which allows for free next day delivery and, if you are film enthusiast, you can enjoy unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows. The best bit? It only costs £5.99 a month! 

Amazon is known for unleashing technological and futuristic products, and Amazon’s Alexa is nothing short of that! In fact, Market Watch reported that the ‘digital assistant’ is helping to combat loneliness in older people, stating: “Voice commands can prompt Alexa to do everything from playing music to adding items to an Amazon shopping list to answering questions and giving weather, traffic and news updates. (Think of the device as a way to connect to the internet by speaking instead of typing)”.



Image Credit: Steven Arnold (Wikimedia Commons)

Since 1995, eBay has been at the heart and development of online shopping and transactions. Where Amazon sell products through branded companies, eBay is a buy and sell platform which everyone and anyone can use to sell their unwanted belongings, both old and new.

Categorised as an ‘online auction’ shopping resource, people can bid on items before the item’s ending time – making it a fun and exciting way to get hold of your intended purchase. However, if this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there is always the option of ‘buying it now’ on some products. This will enable you to buy the item immediately without having to keep watch of other eBay users outbidding you

There is no limit to what you can find and search for an eBay, the online shopping resource is certainly your oyster!  



Image Credit: Charles & Hudson (

For those who like all things crafty and hand-made, then Etsy is the online shopping resource for you! With thousands of unique suppliers offering a wide range of hand-made jewellery, clothing, toys, games and home and living, you are in for a little treat when you head over to the Etsy website.

There are more than a million independent sellers, retailers and craftspeople who sell their home-made and vintage goods for the fraction of the price you would find on the high street, all with love and care put into the products. Although Etsy isn’t as widely known as Amazon or eBay, it is certainly an up and coming resource for all ages to enjoy. 



You may have seen QVC on television when flicking through the channels, or are already an avid watcher or purchaser! However, their website is a hive of value for money on products in every department. Whether you are looking for an item that was recently shown on the TV or want to browse the ‘Today’s Offers’ or ‘New Arrivals’, you will find fantastic items with award-winning 24/7 customer care.

Alongside this, there is a 30-day money back guarantee on your purchases, so if something doesn’t live up to your expectations you can either exchange or return your items. There is also a whole host of ideas and Q&As with guest presenters on the website, so you can get the low-down on the latest products on the market. 

Marks & Spencer


Image Credit: Elliott Brown (Wikimedia Commons)

Marks & Spencer is a nationally recognised brand and is the perfect place to shop online for older people who need to purchase the latest fashion from the comfort of their rise and recline chair.

Whether you are looking for a personal gift for a loved one or want to spend a little on yourself, you can take advantage of the Marks & Spencer home delivery service, and this is free when you spend over £30! Alongside the vast range of luxurious goods on offer on the website, you will be the first to receive offers and special event deals straight to your inbox. Simply sign up for an email newsletter and you will get updates and sale notifications throughout the year. 



Image Credit: Mcgrawt (Wikimedia Commons)

Groupon is a fantastic online shopping resource for those who love to grab a bargain whenever and wherever possible. If you are planning a romantic and accessible trip away there are plenty of deals for spas and hotel stays for half of the price. Alternatively, if you are stuck on ideas for what to do with your grandchildren during the holidays, take a look at the ‘Things to do’ tab and enter your location where you can find discounts on days-out. 

On the other hand, there are plenty of deals to take advantage of for the home, such as electronics and the garden for you to enjoy. It is a good idea to sign up for free to Groupon to receive the latest updates and deals around your local area. 

Martin’s Money Tips 


Image Credit: the mirror (Wikimedia Commons)

You may have come across Martin Lewis on your television screens in the past couple of years. The money saving expert regularly features on This Morning with the latest money saving tips and trends that everyone can use. From banking, savings and mortgages to travel, motoring and shopping, Martin’s Money Tips has all the information and advice you need to make a definite decision on how you use your money wisely.

There are also a number of free tools and calculators to use on the website which will help you to cut your bills and outgoings, making it easier for you to compare different companies and brands. 


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