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Elderly benefit from fall prevention classes

23rd April 2014

While stair lifts and other home mobility aids work towards a significant reduction in the number falls that the elderly suffer, some injuries are still sustained as a result of frailty and reduced balance. Elderly residents of Eastleigh Borough Council are now to benefit from the support of the new Otago class, one of a number of Steady and Strong Falls Prevention Classes taking place to limit the number of falls even further that elderly and vulnerable residents are more likely to have.

These classes are due to start later this month on the 24th April at the St Boniface Church in Hursley Road and are set to improve people’s confidence in walking and moving about their home, restoring independence and a level of mobility. The class consists of a number of exercises aimed at improving the level of the attendee’s walking ability through a series of leg muscle strengthening exercises as well as balance training and a walking plan.

Walk with confidence with Otago

These classes are aimed at improving confidence in their attendees and could work wonders for the carrying out of daily tasks when accompanied by the use of mobility aids around the home and accessible walk in showers and showers, which could not only improve confidence, but also see more people maintaining independence in their daily lives and see fewer people reliant on family members and care.

The exercises in the class progress in difficulty to steadily improve older people’s mobility and the comfort felt whilst walking, with a programme specifically designed to reduce the risk of falls that could potentially be severely damaging. The classes are set to take place weekly, with five separate ‘Steady and Strong’ classes taking place every week in the Borough at Pilands Wood Centre, The Hilt, The Velmore Centre, The Pavilion on the Park and Centre 2000.

Those looking to reduce the risk of falls in the home even further, alongside these exercise classes, can contact the experienced team at Handicare and discuss their range of mobility aids and quality stair lift solutions and find out how these can also help restore confidence and independence.

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