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Elderly fall-reduction class given funds

20th September 2014

A strength and balance class based in Torbay has received a funding extension so that it can continue helping elderly and mobility restricted residents in the area improve their mobility and flexibility. The class is said to reduce the number of falls that elderly residents in the area suffer and work alongside mobility aids in the home to reduce such accidents. 

Boosting confidence whilst improving flexibility, mobility, strength and stamina, the classes are of great benefit to older residents in the area who struggle with their mobility. While straight stair lifts and other such aids around the home go a long way in the prevention of harmful falls, these classes act as an extra form of prevention that, together, can work to eliminate fall risk in the elderly.

“The results have been astounding”

The classes are free for residents in Torquay and Paignton, where instructor Julia McDonald strongly believes in the great work they can do for older participants. Of the course she said in this article, “We assess everyone before and after the 12 weeks courses and the results have been astounding.”

While the classes currently run for an initial 12-week period, Julia has also been running some “maintenance” classes so that participants maintain their new-found levels of mobility and confidence. One participant said of the classes, “I joined the class on the advice of my GP but I enjoyed it so much that I continued after the initial 12 weeks as it is brilliant, interesting, and helps to prevent falls.”

It is feedback such as this that has seen the class receive extended funding from the NHS, recognising just how much good they can do for older people and that they can severely reduce the risk of falls when used alongside mobility aids such as riser and recliner chairs in the home.

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