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Elderly need to come forward for funding

15th April 2014

Elderly residents in Longridge and Ribble Valley are said to be missing out on the funding and financial support that they deserve. It is thought that around a third of those entitled to financial support from Pension Credit are not applying for the funds and could be benefitting from such aid, and those in poor health who are reliant on home mobility aids and such assistance are reportedly not applying for Attendance Allowance they are entitled to.

With so many vulnerable residents missing out on financial aid, there is a worry that such citizens and their families are suffering as a result. The main message coming from the Citizens Advice Bureau is that more needs to be done to encourage those entitled to such financial aid to apply as they do not want such residents to suffer unnecessarily.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

A primary concern is that people who are entitled to Attendance Allowance are not coming forward for the financial aid. This type of allowance is aimed at people over the age of 65 who are in poor health, where it can help finance mobility aids and such necessary home adaptions as accessible walk in showers and baths to make everyday life more comfortable.

The main concern with this type of aid is that people in the area don’t know that their personal financial situation is not taken into account in the aid’s assessment. The only factor that decides whether someone is entitled to the allowance is their health and age and the CAB also wish to stress that it doesn’t impact on any other entitlements, so it can make a huge difference to daily life for elderly residents in the Longridge and Ribble Valley area.

Even those who miss out on funding can benefit from the independence gained through home mobility aids and stair lifts with Handicare’s superb value for money and wide access attitude.


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