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Elderly people in Leicestershire to get help with DIY

8th December 2014

A £38,000 grant provided by Leicestershire County Council has been awarded to a disability charity called the Papworth Trust, which will teach community volunteers to help elderly members of society with tasks around the home.

The DIY hub is to be created in Hinckley and will show willing volunteers how to make special adaptations for furniture, as well as informing them how to assist with decisions related to the home such as the installation of mobility stairlifts.

By providing the grant, the volunteers will now be able to help a number of residents remain independent in their own homes, which is of upmost importance to many elderly residents in Leicestershire. Whether adaptations to the home need to be made due to age or ill health, the project will now be able to provide support to people in need and will make a huge difference to many people’s lives. A spokesman for the Papworth Trust said: “Small changes can make a real difference. For example installing ramps instead of steps.”

Adapting the homes of the elderly

Those suffering with dementia will be provided with signage and those with deteriorating vision can have their furniture painted brightly to help, alongside the services mentioned above. The charity is also able to help individuals apply for grants, which will enable them to fund larger home improvements such as walk-in baths and showers if necessary.

The Papworth Trust managed to help almost 900 Leicestershire residents in the first six months, following the opening of the home improvements agency. Further plans for the Papworth Trust include adding neighbourhood guardians in four of the city’s areas, which will aim to visit lonely people and offer friendship. These guardians will also be able to refer people to the Leicestershire Centre for further assistance if their homes are in need of improvements.

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