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Environmental journalist aims to help the elderly

21st January 2014

An environmental journalist in Yorkshire has called for changes to be made to how we care for the elderly, using a local newspaper to publish his own manifesto.

In the article, Bob Dales puts forward a variety of measures which could help to accommodate the UK’s ageing population, explaining that making a few alterations to our daily lives will ultimately be of great benefit to the elderly.

Among the changes which Dales proposes is that new homes and other buildings should be constructed without entrance steps to help make them more accessible. In the case of houses where stairs are necessary, they should be constructed with enough space for stairlifts equipment to be easily added. Stairlifts, Dales says, should also be available as an ‘optional extra’ for all new home buyers.

While rise and recliner chairs are available from expert providers, Dales feels that there is still a need to create other types of furniture which would be suitable for the elderly; one such example is sofas with high backs which would make it easy for the user to comfortably rest their heads.

Calls to improve Neighbourhood Watch

Another interesting idea Dales touches on is the possibility of improving the existing Neighbourhood Watch scheme, which he feels should be extended from its current remit of crime prevention to include measures such as calling on elderly residents who are housebound or disabled.

On the topic of helping those who are housebound, he also believes that banks could offer a home service to make accessing cash provisions far easier.

With Britain having to come to terms with a rapidly ageing population, it is important that society considers how we will care for the elderly in future and help older people to conduct everyday tasks independently; certainly, taking notice of Dale’s suggestions could work to solve some of these issues.

To read Dale’s article, click here.

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