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Families missing out on funding for elderly

10th April 2014

According to a recent article, hundreds of families from Bolton could be missing out on funding for nursing care for elderly relatives at home. The funding is allocated by the NHS Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and is decided by assessments on healthcare needs, including mobility, and could provide the funds for families to afford at home care to work alongside mobility aids for an elderly relative to provide a better quality of life.

Currently, around 500 families in Bolton claim the full allowance that covers the cost of staying in a residential nursing home or nursing care undertaken at home. With another 26 families being assessed for the funding that can work alongside such aids as straight stairlifts to provide a more independent lifestyle, a specialist care funding solicitor is encouraging more to take up the financial help that can revolutionise daily life for elderly and vulnerable residents in the area.

There is help available

Part of this call for more families to apply for the funding is to reduce the number of families that feel there is not enough support out there. The Bolton CCG wants to reassure families with elderly relatives that help and assistance is out there and that they don’t have to suffer either financially or career-wise through caring for relatives themselves as the NHS Bolton CCG can pay for these services.

Rather than being means tested, the funding is allocated based on assessments of health care needs, which can be conducted by their local GP. It is hoped that, with further awareness as detailed in this article, fewer families in Bolton will have to continue paying care fees unnecessarily as more apply for the funding they are entitled to.

Whether you receive funding for home care or not, Handicare can help work towards a more independent way of life through their range of mobility aids, motorised rise and recline chairs and accessible bathroom options.

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