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Fitness class to help protect older people from falls is launched

12th December 2019


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A fitness class that is aiming to improve older people’s strength, mobility and confidence has recently been launched in the UK.

The organisers, exercise specialist Elderfit, already run hugely successful classes in Thornbury and now they are set to launch new classes at Ridgewood Community Centre in Yate.

The different exercises are aimed at older people who suffer from mobility problems and need to use aids such as a stairlift at home as they build upper body strength and balance. They are designed to prevent injuries and falls as well as to help people with mobility problems to pull themselves back up after a trip.

Regular attendees to these sessions undergo frequent progress checks to highlight their physical and psychological benefits.

Speaking to the Gazette, Tom Scaife, who is the organiser, said: “Our classes are very different to others, we aim to reduce the risk of falling and increase independence.”

Sessions are run in care homes and community facilities

The sessions that are run by Elderfit are run in private care homes and community facilities, but as well as the group sessions there are private one-on-one sessions and bespoke classes on offer for people. The classes can cater to all ages and abilities to ensure that all clients’ skill levels are catered to.

The classes use a variety of equipment to help older people to stay strong and mobile and this includes agility ladders, kettlebells, hurdles and suspension cables.

The sessions have been a success with 85% of staff reporting an increase in mobility, 81% of attendees saying their confidence had increased when walking and a 90% increase in general wellbeing.

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