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Free foot care for those in Falkirk

19th November 2014

Volunteers from Forth Valley Top Toes have received NHS training in order to provide a valuable foot care service to the over 50s in Falkirk and those who use mobility aids such as specialised stairlifts. Those with mobility and age-related health problems can find toenail cutting difficult, but will now be given the opportunity to have their feet cared for during sessions at the Falkirk Community Hospital on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Taking care of your feet is very important, especially for the elderly and diabetic, and toenails need to be cut in a certain way to avoid future problems such as ingrown toenails or infection. What can be an expensive treatment if visiting a podiatrist, toenail cutting can now be taken care of by attending these free sessions run by volunteers from registered charity Forth Valley Top Toes.

Helping the older community

By assisting the residents of Falkirk with a task they may find challenging, those with mobility and age-related difficulties will be able to enjoy better health and an improved quality of life. The scheme was originally piloted by Age Concern for people over 50 with no underlying medical conditions, and those at Forth Valley Top Toes are hoping to eventually provide the service more locally in communities throughout the area.

The help provided by volunteers at the Falkirk Community Hospital, which is located on Westburn Avenue, has allowed one client who attended to “walk comfortably, as well as avoiding ingrown toenails”. The patient, who has arthritis in the legs and hands, is one of many who can benefit from the toe cutting service.

Volunteer co-ordinator Fiona Wilson said: “It’s rare that you can have a simple idea that makes such a difference to the day-to-day lives of our older population”.

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