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Fund set up to raise money for stairlifts

27th October 2014

A fund has been set up in the memory of the late Lord Mayor of Bradford, who sadly passed away this year from the onset of the degenerative Motor Neurone Disease.

The new fund has been introduced in her memory to raise money for sufferers of the disease, in order to help them to gain access to stairlift mobility aids, ramps and communication aids sooner after diagnosis, improving the lives of those affected.

Aids needed sooner rather than later

Valerie Binney was a long-standing Bradford Councillor and Rotarian and has inspired her fellow Rotarians to raise money for assistive equipment which will be donated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association. The national charity expressed their delight at the support provided by the Yorkshire Rotary, and with their help aims to give those suffering with the disease the assistance they require and deserve. By supplying mobility aids sooner, such as supportive rise and recline chairs, sufferers can receive support within days, rather than months.

Those diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease are said to live for 14 months after symptoms arise before passing away, yet communication aids, ramps and stair lifts can take up to a year to be provided. The Yorkshire Rotary will be donating their first piece of equipment to Nigel Dean of Wakefield, who was recently forced to give up work after his diagnosis earlier in the year. On receiving the device, Mr Dean will be able to communicate with his friends and family once again.

The Yorkshire Rotary’s fund, which was initiated by member Willie Clark, aims to raise £20,000 during the first year of the fund’s existence, in order to remember the ‘wonderful, bright personality’ of Ms Binney. Those that would like to support the work of the Yorkshire Rotary and Motor Neurone Disease Association can do so by calling Mr Clark on 01274 582028.

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