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Gifts for the grandkids

25th March 2015


Being a grandparent is among the most important and rewarding roles that there is. From imparting your wisdom to spending quality time with your grandchildren, this relationship is undoubtedly set to become one of the most valued in your life.

However, when it comes to gift ideas, it can be difficult for grandparents to relate to their younger relatives and know what they would truly want and cherish. Thankfully there are a whole host of companies that make it easy to find that perfect gift, whatever their age. Here we round up some of the best gift ideas for the grandkids, all of which you can get from companies who have brilliant websites, which is particularly useful for those who use mobility aids such as an electric stairlift due to difficulty walking long distances.

Age 6 months+

At such a young age it can be difficult to find that perfect gift; one that they will enjoy whilst celebrating their bringing into the world. One such way is through cute and comfortable clothing. Countless photographs will be taken at this young age so adorable outfits that are comfortable for them to wear are among the best gift ideas for this age group and are sure to put a smile on the faces of the grandkids, grandparents and parents.

Wild Things offers a fantastic range of play clothes for imaginative children and many of their pieces are suitable for ages six months right up to eight years. Designer Kirsty Hartley, the driving force behind Wild Things, prides herself on creating fun pieces for children that are reviving UK manufacture as she supports skilled UK makers and sources materials from local suppliers. She even has a celebrity following with the likes of Lilly Allen, Charlotte Church and Frances Cobain all fans of her work, and with such cute animal dresses and dungarees available it is little wonder why!



Hartley also has a book out later this year called Wild things-Funky Little Clothes to Sew, which is a collection of  DIY beautiful makes for grandchildren so you can even have a go at making something yourself.

Age 2

Reading with your grandchildren is one of the most rewarding bonding experiences there is and reading a book that is personal to them is even better. Itsyourstory is a fantastic concept that puts your grandchild in the story, encouraging them to read whilst creating something personal for you and them to share as you read their personalised story to them. Even the story behind Itsyourstory is one that centres on that all-important grandchild and grandparent relationship.

“Some time ago my parents made some hand-made books for their grandchildren called ‘Where’s Granny?’. My Dad took pictures of Mum (crouching in the bath, amid the flowerpots, under the table) and the children had to spot her on each page. Their grandchildren were captivated and the books became much loved and slightly battered! This was the inspiration for Itsyourstory. The success of the books lay in the fact that Granny was not only in the story but featured in the illustrations too – and Itsyourstory was born in 2005.

We now have a range of 13 books and there are a few I would recommend for Grandparents;

-The Alphabet book, called ‘From A to Z with <name of child>’

-The Girl’s Dressing Up Box book and Boy’s Dressing Up Box book

-The Zoo Adventure book

-          Holly Wright, Managing Director

Age 3

Family run business Red Berry Apple knows just how important the grandparent and grandchild relationship is and that is why their products are all about encouraging kids to interact with one another and use their imagination. The personalised dressing up capes make for perfect gift ideas for grandchildren as they offer something that they can play with now by turning into their own superhero, but also something that they can keep way into adulthood as a great keepsake.


Age 5

Five is the age where children start to really explore their creativity and are keen to get stuck into everything; eatsleepdoodle is an innovative company that allows them to do just that whilst parents, and grandparents, don’t have to worry about finding doodles on the walls! Their range of products can be drawn and doodled on with their special pens and then come out completely clean after a go in the washing machine. From dining tables to duvet covers, dinner and bed time don’t have to be a struggle but rather a fun time to explore and create.

The company recommends the pillowcase, the single duvet and the placemat set as popular gifts from grandparents to grandkids.


A way of giving them their very own chair when they come to stay is the famed Fatboy beanbag. Now with a special junior collection, kids can sit, recline and relax, perfect for those fidgety behinds! Being incredibly robust, they can drag it about the house to their heart’s content, but they are also soft enough that they will always be comfortable. On top of this, with their very own chair they may be less tempted to want a ride on your rise and recline chair!


This next gift idea is one for everyone. From the grandkids themselves to parents and grandparents, Artful Kids offers the perfect gift for all. Coming up with a unique concept so that you can keep and display children's artwork at home at its best, Artful Kids has a range of products including acrylic blocks and frames with a photograph to placemats and bags that perfectly display your child or grandchild’s artwork so that you can see it whenever you want, without having to store it away.

Age 7

Once they’ve unleashed their creative side you can help them unlock their potential with a great range of educational and constructive gift ideas. Clockwork Soldier has a great range of products that help grandparents do just that.

“Clockwork Soldier takes pride in creating innovative products that encourage children to stretch their imagination, learn and have fun. With our products and a little imagination, children can do almost anything including travel to the moon, heal animals, roam the earth as dinosaurs, or even design their own comic book.”

-          Clockwork Soldier

In such a digital age there is nothing like encouraging children to immerse themselves in active play and unleash their imaginations in all sorts of creative forms.

Ages 14+

Then, when they’re a little older and a little more responsible, you can treat them by making the most of what modern technology has to offer. The 3Doodler is an incredible device that lets them bring their creations to life and take their doodling one step further. While not one for the younger children and definitely an activity that means an adult will still need to keep a watchful eye, they’ll soon be creating 3D pictures next to their 2D paintings and drawings.


From sculptures to decorate your home to bright cake decorations they’ve made for when you’re baking together, the 3Doodler has so much potential and offers a way to bond as well as encouraging their learning and creativity.


Image Credit: Itsyourstory, Wild Things, Itsyourstory, Red Berry Apple, eatsleepdoodle,,, Clockwork Soldier, 3Doodler

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