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Groups welcome health minister's commitment towards home care

17th June 2013

A number of charities who have campaigned for an improvement in the provision of home health and social care to disabled and elderly people have welcomed a renewed commitment by the health minister, Norman Lamb, to addressing problems within the system.

This news comes amid reports that Lamb will be meeting with a number of home care providers to discuss how changes can be practically and quickly put into place. This story, and the comments that were issued in response to Lamb's commitment, can be read about in greater detail here.

Whilst adjustable chairs for the elderly and disabled, as well as other similar mobility aids like walk in baths and showers, do provide a way for members of these communities to enjoy an improved amount of comfort at home, the need to implement a more comprehensive home care set-up as soon as possible is recognised by all.

One of the main aspects of existing domestic care which Norman Lamb has expressed a desire to reform is what one leading charity has described as the 'scandal' of 15-minute home visits by carers. Many health experts and family members have argued that 15 minutes is not nearly long enough for people to receive adequate practical assistance or health checks, and the director of corporate affairs at one disability group has described Lamb's promise of ending this kind of visit as a 'hugely important and welcome step'.

The official went on to say, however, that a demonstration of 'definite action' is now needed for Mr Lamb's commitment to be realised. Another disability charity leader also expressed concern over issues including healthcare commissioners 'putting price before quality' far too often, and said that her organisation would be 'delighted to work with the minister' to ensure his good intentions are followed through in an effective and sustainable way.

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