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Handicare stairlifts win approval from Yours readers

31st October 2013

Yours Magazine has given Handicare - and Age UK Stairlifts in particular - their seal of approval, after a survey of readers found that both the products and services offered by Handicare were exceptionally high.

The popular lifestyle magazine asked a panel of readers to tell them about the experiences that they have had with stairlifts and stairlift companies, describing a stairlift as something that can "transform lives and help thousands of people every year stay independent". Those that had purchased a stairlift from Handicare wrote in with their personal experiences, which together demonstrated that the Age UK stairlifts provided by Handicare met and exceeded their expectations in terms of both service and quality of the lift.

Figures calculated from the results of the survey showed that 98 per cent of Yours readers felt their stairlift met or exceeded their expectations, with an impressive 24 per cent of readers saying that their new stairlift actually exceeded these expectations. The service provided by Handicare was also highly recommended, with 94 per cent of respondents saying that they had been given the time and information they needed to make an informed decision, whilst 92 per cent praised the performance of the installation engineers. Based on all of these figures and recommendations, Yours Magazine were more than happy to award their seal of approval to the Age UK stairlifts provided by Handicare.

Stairlifts are just one of the independent living products that Handicare and Age UK have teamed up to offer; they also provide comfortable rise and recline chairs and walk in baths that make independent living possible for more and more people every day. We offer the same standard of product and service on these items as we do with our stairlifts - something which has won the seal of approval from our customers all across the UK.

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