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Heathrow invests £30 million in accessibility

19th February 2020

Going on holiday and travelling the world should be accessible for all, including those who may rely on an at home stairlift or are visually impaired, and Heathrow airport has recently invested £30 million into new equipment, resources and technology to prove this is possible.

Business Traveller reports the work to improve Heathrow’s accessibility services involves working with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) to trial the Navilens app. This is an algorithm that can detect markets and provides audible information to guide impaired passengers through the airport.

This investment follows the 2018/19 Airport accessibility report produced by the Civil Aviation Authority after it reviewed Heathrow as ‘good’ for their accessibility. However, the report reads: “If this level of performance remains, there is a risk London Heathrow will not meet the standard for a good rating next year.” In the previous two years in this report, Heathrow was labelled ‘poor’, so this London airport is progressing its accessibility standards as the years go by. Thanks to their new investment and potential future projects that focus on improving the airport’s accessibility, Heathrow hopes to achieve ‘very good’ by 2022.

Other projects under this investment include introducing ‘sunflower lanyards’ for passengers who have hidden disabilities, making it easier for staff members to recognise those who may need additional support. Heathrow has also appointed new members of staff in their Heathrow Access Advisory Group (HAAG) who have experience in equality and inclusion, this includes Helen Dolphin MBE, Heathrow’s disability campaigner and co-chair of HAAG.

Helen Dolphin comments, as reported on the Business Traveller, “this is a really exciting time to be working with Heathrow Airport as it embarks on another decade of investment for passengers of the airport. I’m passionate about ensuring disabled people have the same opportunities to fly like everyone else and ensuring Heathrow provides the best assistance service in the world."


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