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Home Library Service helps those with mobility problems

8th January 2014

Despite Sundon Park Library, Wigmore Library and the Mobile Library all being set to close at the end of the month, the Home Library Service, which delivers books to stair lift users and others who suffer with mobility difficulty in Luton, is to continue its much-needed rounds. The free monthly delivery service for the elderly and those with mobility problems is to continue to help local residents who otherwise wouldn’t have access to libraries.

As the internet and technology continues to develop, libraries and other such services are increasingly put out of use with their services being made redundant by such developments. However, for older generations who struggle to use such technologies in such difficult-to-access areas as Luton, they can often be left without. As the libraries begin to close, users of home stair lifts may begin to worry that their home library service will also be put out of action. Luckily, for the residents of Luton, their exceptional local service is to continue for the foreseeable future.

Visitors of the libraries mentioned will have seen information on the forthcoming library closures and would have been given a helpful booklet that offers details on available public transport and teaches those with mobility difficulties how to use Luton Libraries Online. The Home Library Service, meanwhile, acts as an invaluable facility that provides books to local residents who, due to their mobility difficulties, would otherwise have to go without.

The free monthly service helps the elderly, people with disabilities and mobility issues who rely on such mobility devices as rise and recliner chairs at home. With limited mobility, these residents rely on the service to provide home entertainment which they can access without straying from the help of their mobility aids in the home. Those who struggle with accessing their local library are urged to call 01582 491428 to find out more about how the Home Library Service can help them with their mobility issues.

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