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Hospital receives rise and recliner chair

27th February 2014

Thanks to a donation from the League of Friends of Caithness General Hospital, the hospital has received a £3,000 rise and recliner chair to make life for its patients more comfortable. Donations came from many sources, with those close to the hospital recognising the valuable work that they do.

The Scottish hospital is set to benefit greatly from the donation, which will help its patients to stay more comfortable with the help of this special electric rise and recline chair. In addition to the adapted chair, the League of Friends also provided the funds for two re-orientation boards in the Queen Elizabeth wing of the hospital.

League of Friends

The League of Friends is known to have provided the funds for numerous pieces of equipment and other needs within the hospital, including for an environmental-friendly nappy project in the maternity ward in 2009. It is through this funding that the hospital can continue to run in a way that best serves the local community and provides a high level of care.

The funds for the re-orientation boards came from a donation to the League of Friends by the family of the recently deceased Les Davidson - who was a bus driver in Caithness - in recognition of the great work the hospital does on a daily basis.

The new £3,000 chair is set to greatly help with the mobility of patients throughout the hospital, much in the way stair lifts for the elderly do in the home.

Both the boards and the rise and recline chair have been warmly welcomed by the members of the League of Friends, hospital staff and the Davidson family, and it is hoped that the equipment will help the hospital to continue impacting positively on the lives of the local community when they fall ill.

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