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How to make retirement feel luxurious

27th April 2022


While everyone would love to have no concerns in retirement and a bottomless bank account, it’s not the case for most people. That doesn't mean you can't bring a sense of luxury into your retirement years, however. In this article, you will find a handful of suggestions for little ways in which you can make your well-earned retirement feel a little more luxurious without having to win the lottery first. Whether you are a stairlift user well into retirement or a recent retiree, consider some of the below and see how they give life a new dynamic.

Eat outside when possible

Retirement is a great excuse to do things you wouldn’t normally do during your working life. To give your day-to-day a more luxurious, holiday feel, why not consider eating outside when the weather allows it? Set up a nice, comfortable spot in your garden, light a candle or two, and enjoy dinner like you might when travelling abroad. It doesn’t just have to be dinner though, why not take advantage of those warmer days and eat lunch or breakfast outside? Make eating a little more special from time to time and move away from the mundanity of eating at the kitchen table.

Elizabeth, for the website Sixty and Me, enjoys this approach herself, sharing: “Instead of sitting at the dining table for breakfast, it feels totally decadent and luxurious to take my piping hot cup of milky morning tea and a slice of my homemade bread out to the terrace. The cool morning breeze – or the frosty morning breeze – is sensual and exciting!

“If I’m up early, I enjoy a beautiful sunrise, which is pure extravagance and… free. Or sometimes I’ll make a picnic lunch and meet a friend for an alfresco lunch. A picnic turns lunch or dinner into a free vacation.”

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Travel occasionally

With the freedom that comes with retirement, many like to take advantage and go exploring the world. While finances can often put people off doing such things regularly, making room in your budget to travel occasionally can be a great way to make life feel more luxurious.

It doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant or frequent, but a simple holiday to somewhere warm, a weekend city break to a European capital, or even just a relaxing holiday in one of the many beautiful parts of the UK, will provide excitement, change, and something to look forward to. You could travel with a spouse, loved one, a friend, or even alone if it’s safe to do so. You don’t need a private yacht or a five-star hotel to feel luxurious, a humble break from home life can make all the difference and be a real treat.

Make time for you


One of the best ways to bring a sense of luxury to regular, everyday life is to consistently make some time to concentrate on yourself. While retirement means you don’t have to worry about working anymore, that doesn’t mean there aren’t responsibilities, such as maintaining a house, paying the bills, and looking after family. So, carve out some time in your schedule to take a little ‘me time’.

This can take many forms, such as a trip to the spa for a relaxing massage treatment, a yoga class in the middle of the day, or meeting a friend at the local golf club for a round.

Claire, from the lifestyle blog, Wotawoman Diary, shares the following recommendation for enjoying life in retirement: "Have a group of like-minded friends to go for lunch outings with or just walks in the park to get that daily dose of vitamin D. You can do lots of free activities that will make you feel like you’re winning at life.”

Whatever it is that you like to do to relax and take your mind off ‘boring’ things, make room for it during the week. A simple bit of pampering each evening with a candlelit bubble bath can make all the difference and make life feel a little more luxurious.

Enjoy a spontaneous day out

Retirement is a time for doing things differently. For most of life, your time is constricted, and your freedom is determined by a 9-5 job. But no more! So, make sure to take advantage of your new state of affairs by being a little more impulsive. Not in an irresponsible way but by simply enjoying a spontaneous day out now and then.

Feel the urge for a last-minute trip to the beach this afternoon? Do it! Just read something about a great local attraction? Stop what you are doing and go there yourself. Feeling bored, call up a friend and head out for a picnic and a day at the park.

By being a little bit spontaneous, life starts to feel more exciting, and a luxurious retirement is surely the ability to do fun things at the drop of a hat without having to be worried about boring daily routines.

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Treat yourself now and then


While it’s important during retirement to manage finances sensibly, giving yourself a little treat from time to time if you can afford it is a great way to make yourself feel luxurious. You could treat yourself to a meal out with friends on occasion or perhaps a trip to the shops for an item of clothing you’ve had your eye on. Is your old TV reaching the end of its life? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to something with all the latest features. Now that you’re retired, maybe it’s even time to go after that new car you’ve always wanted, or maybe the old one is just getting a little long in the teeth. If your budget can handle it, why not do something for yourself that you will really enjoy?

Retirement resource, Retirepedia, concurs and shares this thought: “Sometimes it’s nice to treat ourselves to nice things. Depending on your financial situation, now can be the time to buy that car you’ve always wanted. Have you had an eye on that shiny new Tesla? Now’s the time to buy. If you’ve saved up and can afford to do so, there’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself with a shiny new car for all your life’s hard work.”

Laura, from the lifestyle blog, Spilling Life Tea, has shared this trip, recommending a nice little treat for yourself: I think organising a monthly cream tea somewhere a little bit fancy would be a lovely treat now and again. You could use it as an excuse to catch up with friends. There are always great deals on an afternoon or cream teas. Keep an eye out for local hotels or restaurants in your area for deals, especially in the winter months. It is lovely to go to a really nice hotel and spend the afternoon there whilst indulging in some nice cake and sandwiches. It always makes me feel fancy.”

Tips to make retirement feel more luxurious

  • Eat outside when possible
  • Travel occasionally
  • Make time for you
  • Enjoy a spontaneous day out
  • Treat yourself now and then

Luxury doesn’t have to be only about extravagant purchases and being a millionaire, luxury can be a state of mind. By trying to practise some of the above suggestions, there is no reason that you can’t add a real sense of luxury to your own retirement while living within modest means.

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