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How to make your risae and recliner chair your own

31st March 2014

With the increasing developments in technologies and fabrics, the mobility aid industry has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, with more options available than ever before. Now restricted mobility can be a thing of the past; rise and recliner chairs not only make life more comfortable, helping the user to sit and rise with ease, but they can also be a thing of luxury, with numerous additional accessories and extras to be enjoyed.

This guide will introduce you to all these different features, from built-in heating to memory foam, which was originally built for NASA. So just sit back and relax as we guide you towards the ultimate in comfort in motorised rise and recliner chairs, with lots of inspiring ideas for how to make them your own.


Just because you find your mobility now limited does not mean that your choice of furniture has to be limited too. There are a whole range of materials to choose from to adorn a rise and recliner chair so that your new chair can be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing too. It can even match your other furniture as many mobility aid manufacturers who supply home stair lifts and other aids provide co-ordinating furniture options and sofas to match.

With contemporary rise and recliner chairs you can choose materials to make the chair comfortable and stylish; from lush soft chenelles and full-grain leather chairs to anti-fungal and waterproof fabrics the choices are endless. Memory foam is another option that has become increasingly popular as it offers complete support that is both durable and comfortable for seats and footrests.

Features to choose from

Alongside a wide range of choices when it comes to materials, there are also many additional features to think about before purchase. Many reclining chairs come with scatter cushions, gel seating for pressure relief and heating options to choose as additional features.

Some recliners even double as a massage chair for the ultimate in relaxation and comfort. As reclining chairs have developed they have also become more suited to home life, with manufacturers developing new designs to make them fit into daily life as easily as possible. For instance, you can choose to have removable arms to assist wheelchair users or extra pockets to store magazines and belongings. Whether you have aesthetic or practical features in mind, it is always worth talking to a manufacturer to find out what features are available to make life easier.

Safety points to look out for

Aside from practicality and personal taste, safety features are another aspect to bear in mind when choosing a reclining chair. The best reclining chairs will come with a separate battery back up to ensure the user isn’t left stranded in the midst of a power cut. Additionally, the motor itself is another important feature to take into consideration; choosing a cheaper reclining chair isn’t always the most economical option as some can break easily or falter.

When choosing you reclining chair be sure to ask whether it features single or dual motors and what level of movement it has. Single motor chairs operate in one movement, with the footrest and backrest moving together, whereas dual motor reclining chairs have independent movements where the backrest and footrest move independently of one another.

Also, be sure to check whether the reclining chair features a safety barrier to avoid anything getting trapped underneath upon its moving.

While this guide has named a lot of different things to think about, most top manufacturers will be more than happy to talk these details through with you to ensure you choose the right chair for your tastes and needs.

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