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Huffington Post predicts how technology will help ageing in future

18th May 2015

Technology is helping to make ageing much easier, with products such as stair lifts and walk-in showers and bath tubs already helping people live independently at home. As technology advances, even more products are likely to be introduced, and the Huffington Post has made a list of its predictions. This includes doctor appointments at home on Skype, online medical records and cars that drive themselves.

The latter is something that is already in production, with Google currently working on a self-driving car project. It is hoped that these cars of the future will be able to recognise unsafe driving conditions and respond to this using automatic adjustments to steer the vehicle away from potential harm. As the ability to drive is key to many older people’s independence, it is hoped that these will help keep us all safe on the road for longer.

Technology advancing as we age

The article by the Huffington Post describes how homes will continue ageing along with us, with new inventions such as technology alert systems helping to address the concerns of the elderly. This includes sensors that can inform you when you’ve left the front door unlocked, or finders for items such as the TV remote or portable telephone.

It is also thought that LED lights will soon be used for everything, brightening menus in restaurants and being installed in bags in order to help people find what they’re looking for more easily. In fact, Ralph Lauren has already designed a tote bag that has this feature included.

The article even goes as far as mentioning robots, following the development of a Robot-Teddy Bear by a Japanese engineer. This is able to perform tasks such as lifting an elderly person out of bed or into a wheelchair, which carers can often do up to 40 times a day.

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