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Inclusion Archery perfect for adults with limited mobility

16th November 2017

It has never been easier to enjoy sports as a person with limited mobility. Following the British success in the Rio Paralympics and the recent Invictus Games, which were held in Toronto, the profile of disabled sport has been raised. However people do not have to go far afield to participate in specialised sports. One centre in the North East is doing its utmost to bring archery to everyone.

The Inclusion Archery Centre is located in Cleveland Industrial Estate and is committed to helping those who struggle to participate in sports. This may be due to physical disabilities as often venues do not have the correct facilities such as disabled bathrooms to allow people of all abilities to participate. The owners are also keen to encourage those with mental difficulties as archery can help with focus as well as build confidence with a strong sense of achievement.


Ann and Steve Ward, the couple who own the business were interested in the inclusive aspect of the sport especially since their son struggles with autism. The 18 metre range is accompanied by a fully equipped centre that stocks equipment for children as young as six up to adults. The owners also open the centre up for parties and events as well as sending instructors out to raise awareness of the sport with school visits.  

The social element is often as appealing as the sport itself, allowing people of all abilities to gather in an accessible and inclusive environment. Some people have tried the sport before but many are new to archery and are taking it up with great enthusiasm.

Marc, 31, was introduced to archery after an archery session with Steve two years ago. Though naturally competitive, due to health problems he has always been in a wheelchair, however archery is a sport that he can excel at and he hopes to complete an instructor training course and become involved in the Paralympics.

Image Credit: Staff Sgt. Sheila deVera

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