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Increase in women aged between 60 - 64 in work

27th March 2020

According to new data released by the Office for National Statistics, there are more women aged 60 – 64 in work than not, increasing 51% since the changes to the state pension age happened in 2010.

The Guardian reports that people aged 50 and over remaining in work for longer, could add an additional 1.3% to GDP a year by 2040. Patrick Thomson, the Programmer Manager at the Centre for Ageing Better, a charitable foundation, comments to The Guardian: “For many other women this will be a positive choice, with work providing financial independence, an opportunity to save for retirement, meaning and purpose.

“The rising state pension age has clearly had an impact on women’s working lives. But while longer lives and changing patterns of work mean many of us can expect to work for longer, it’s vital that people are able to be in work that improves their current and later lives.”

Many people choose to continue working later in life for reasons that go beyond financial benefits. Working can mean you’re still able to socialise each day, get outdoors and be productive. David Sinclair, the Director of the International Longevity Centre UK, also told the newspaper: “Too many older people are forced out of the workforce too early, whether that is due to ageism or poor health. Too many people want to work longer but can’t. Good work can be good for us. But if the additional jobs are not good jobs, we could be simply storing up problems for the future.”

Older employees can be a huge asset to a business, with years of experience and a well-rounded work ethic, companies should embrace hiring those over 50. Additionally, older people may choose to continue working but from home, where they can look at stairlift prices and adapt their home to suit their level of mobility. 

One company who work towards helping those over 50 find a perfect job role and career is Rest Less. The founder, Stuart Lewis, comments on the Express: “Demographic changes in the UK are only moving in one direction. Progressive employers who start embracing age in the workplace by introducing programs to attract, engage and retain talented older workers will be the ones who prosper in the coming decade.”

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