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Interesting ways to choose an accessible bathroom

4th April 2014

Limited mobility doesn’t have to mean that you are stuck with the same bathroom as millions of others across the country. Choosing new accessible features such as walk in baths and grab rails can be just as exciting and fun as redecorating. From magazines and an ideas folder to Pinterest and talking to a mobility aids manufacturer, there are so many ways to find the new bathroom that is right for you and your tastes.

Social media and the internet

Social media is not often associated with the elderly or mobility impaired, but it is actually a great forum and a good place to start to find ideas for a beautiful new accessible bathroom. Such sites as Instagram and Pinterest have some fantastic pages showcasing beautiful images that can inspire and show you just what you can achieve with your own bathroom. From the latest models of walk in showers and baths and showers to accessories, social media, particularly those that centre around images such as Pinterest and Instagram, can be a great source of inspiration and a fast way of finding the latest styles and technologies available. Pinterest has a great open search feature so you don’t even have to sign up to view the extensive list of pins and boards centred around bathroom ideas for the elderly and mobility restricted; just type in ‘Pinterest bathroom’ to begin.

The internet as a whole is a great source of reference for bathroom accessories and ides for the elderly with sites such as Tumblr and Houzz providing thousands of examples for you to browse at your leisure and create idea books.


If you would rather stick to a more traditional means of sourcing bathroom ideas that you can read with ease from the comfort of your motorised rise and recliner chair, then magazines are the place to go. Access Magazine is a specialist magazine offering advice and features to those with disabilities. Their bathroom section consists of numerous features detailing the latest innovations and technologies in the bathroom sector for those with disabilities.

Thiis Magazine is another magazine that keeps its readers up to date with the latest in bathroom ideas for the elderly and mobility restricted. Going above and beyond the simple wet room that was once the only option, today there are plenty of options to ensure your bathroom is both practical and stylish.

One to one

Finally, talking to a manufacturer is not something that you have to leave until the time of purchase. The best mobility aid manufacturers and bathroom fitters for the elderly are more than happy to talk over your options and provide ideas and solutions to suit you, with no obligation to buy.

In fact, some will even provide a free home visit if you’re not sure that what you want for your bathroom will work in your home and they will offer advice about what will fit and be appropriate in the space. Here they can bring examples and even show you what they have done in the past so you can visualise what your future bathroom may look like with the reassurance and ease of talking to a specialist.

Whatever method you use to choose the features of your accessible bathroom, whether it is social media, the internet, magazines or talking to a specialist, or even all four, make sure you purchase bathroom aids that are appropriate for your needs.


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