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Islamic worshippers call for better disabled access to mosques

22nd May 2014

Islamic worshippers all across the UK are calling for better disabled access in mosques, with many places of prayer failing to meet the needs of members of the Muslim community.

Among the biggest request is the installation of disabled ramps and seated stairlifts, mainly because many prayer halls are located on either the first floor or basement level. Without these benefits, it means that those with mobility issues are excluded from worshipping because they cannot access these levels.

An issue that has been highlighted by Freelance Writer Hana Chehata, she says that modifying existing mosques to meet basic accessibility requirements would not require a huge task and could start with just a series of simple ramps. As a carer of several disabled family members for many years, she has seen the lack of adequate wheelchair facilities as mosques across the country.

She added that facilities like the Hounslow Mosque and the Maryam Centre offer fantastic facilities like large lifts, but there are many in the UK that are still falling way below the mark. 

Put Islamic teachings into practice
She adds that it is important for people and mosques to put Islamic teachings into practice, suggesting that to physically deny the right for someone to prayer is one of the worst things possible in the Islamic faith. With this in mind, it is their responsibility to ensure appropriate access is in place

It is a particularly big problem for disabled Muslim women; while places of worship for men are located on the ground floor, it’s the halls for females that are located on other floors.

It’s hoped that encouragement from the Muslim community could lead to mosques providing more disabled access, resulting in both men and women who call on mobility aids such as a rise recliner chair will be able to conduct their prayers in both comfort and ease.

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