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Leeds to be made friendlier to its ageing population

15th November 2017

The entire population of the UK is growing older and there are rising concerns that the UK may not be currently able to aid the shifting needs of its population. Though some countries are able to offer an enormous amount of independence to their older residents, the UK’s ever reducing public transport and inhospitable high streets make it difficult for those looking to stay in their homes. This is made more difficult for those with limited mobility who require a stair lift facility in their home.

It has been estimated that the number of people living in Leeds and over the age of 80 will be more than 8,000 by 2021. The number of over 50’s will rise by 8% to nearly 25,000. As a city looking to accommodate their population, this enormous portion of residents cannot be ignored. Leeds has previously committed to being ‘the best city to grow old in’ as well as an ‘age friendly city’ and the recent partnership between Leeds County Council, Leeds Older People’s Forum and the charity Centre for Ageing Better are to ensure this will happen. 


The partnership intends to focus on transportation, community action and housing initially. These three areas are essential to supporting the independent lives of older adults ensuring they have a sociable and enjoyable community around them to counteract the loneliness that occurs in older adults.

While the in-depth look at the current transportation hopes to assess the current efficiency and ways to improve the system with older adults in mind, the community action focus is looking to boost volunteering and community-led activities in the over 50 group.

There are hopes that this project in Leeds will directly benefit the residents and can be used in other communities within the city. If the scheme is a success, then it may be used to help inform other cities with their long-term plan to aid their older residents. 

Image Credit:Carl Milner

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