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Leeds Manor House to install lift to improve accessibility

21st May 2014

It’s been announced that a popular heritage site in Leeds is set to undergo a sizeable refurbishment project, a major part of which will look to improve accessibility for those with mobility issues. 

Home to a number of prominent families over the years, including the Nevilles and the Gascoignes, Lotherton Hall in Aberford has remained one of the finest cultural landmarks in Leeds and the estate has been visited by many since the doors were opened to the public in 1968.

The renovation of the estate has been made possible thanks to a £600,000 cash injection from the local council, with one of the main aspects it will pay for being the installation of a new lift. With current access to the first floor offered only by a traditional staircase, there is a clear need for a lift for those with mobility issues – such as people who rely on stairlifts in the home – to help them get the most from their visit. Only part of the ground floor is accessible by chair lift, with the restrictions becoming quite an issue in the past.

Work to be completed by 2015

Other improvements will be the complete refurbishment of the costume gallery, a feature that is believed to be at risk because of poor lighting and old display cabinets that need to be replaced. The monies will also be put towards fulfilling long-standing maintenance work, meaning it can be enjoyed safely. It is hoped that the works will be fully completed by 2015.

The project is a fine example of how popular visitor sights are becoming more accessible for those with mobility issues, allowing people who rely on electric rise recliner chairs in the home to enjoy their life to the full despite their physical issues.

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