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Leicester MP calls for more stair lifts in British homes

29th October 2013

A Leicestershire MP has called for more adapted housing to be created to improve the health of Britain’s elderly. She told the Leicester Mercury in a recent interview that high quality housing with homeliftsstair lifts and other aids fitted correctly "can support good health and get better value for the taxpayer".

Liz Kendall, MP for Leicester West, has argued that it is not doctors and the health service but housing conditions that should be our foremost concern when it comes to the welfare of older people. Whilst there is no doubt that the NHS, doctors, nurses and carers have a vital role in improving the health of the elderly, the impact of poor housing on people's lives indicates how important it is to have good quality housing.

Both physical and mental wellbeing can be affected by poor housing, with damp and cold properties potentially causing breathing difficulties, particularly during winter, and homes that are isolated or overcrowded creating an atmosphere that can lead to mental health issues such as loneliness or depression. On top of this, homes that are not adapted to ease the problems associated with mobility difficulties will inevitably create an unsafe environment for Britain's elderly.

Liz Kendall has been working hard to see that her community has access to good quality housing, which can present a number of solutions to these problems. Adaptations like ramps, grab-rails or a walk in bath shower for the elderly can make the home safer, and outdoor stairlift solutions in particular can help older people get out of the house to visit friends or family and use local services.

Kendall also argues that providing more good quality housing could reduce costs to the taxpayer by helping older people to live safely and independently, which would reduce the chances of hospital admission, in turn putting less pressure on NHS resources.

Source: Leicester West MP Liz Kendall argues linking health and homes is vital

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