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Luxurious mobility aids

21st July 2017


In the land of the rich and famous, rules do not apply in the same way to the rest of the population. Though many people say that time and health are great levellers, the reality is very different. When it comes to mobility equipment, anything that improves your home’s accessibility is a luxury, whether you require a sturdy stairlift to access a garden of multiple levels or a modified bathroom to fulfil your needs.

The expectation that an item will make life easier is not enough for some people, and below is a collection of the most luxurious mobility aids available. 

Walking sticks


While many may assume the humble walking stick does just what it says on the tin, it is not exempt from the luxury lifestyle make over. These once throw away items have become high end products that under go any treatments to make them appealing to the very wealthy audiences. Some companies now specialise in luxury walking sticks, using high quality materials and finishes to make them perfect. 



Pasotti is an Italian brand that began and still mainly trades in luxury umbrellas, however to accompany the stunning weather wear, the company branched out into canes. This Swarovski encrusted cane, may not be the most practical, but Pasotti has attracted the likes of Madonna, who has used their canes on stage. The cane pictured above will set you back €655

Classic Canes


If you are looking for a cane for every occasion, Classic Canes cater for those who wish to match up their mobility aids like accessories. For fancy foldables or bedazzled canes to accompany you to an evening event, Classic Canes has an item for every event. Though these canes are more reasonably priced, they are useful items beyond mere fashion. Charlotte Gillan, Managing Director of walking stick specialists Classic Canes comments:

“A sense of style and a luxury approach can be very important when selling mobility aids. Some people feel a bit dispirited when their doctor or physiotherapist tells them that it is time they started using a walking stick. They envisage a depressing hospital-issue stick and think that they are now going to look frumpy. However, if they can have an elegant cane in a beautiful colour or pattern, they can treat it as a fashion accessory. 

“The right walking stick will always make its user look more stylish rather than less, and can also prove a great conversation piece. For example, if it is set with Swarovski crystals or features an unusual handle, other people immediately have something to talk to the stick user about. Many people build up large collection of sticks so that they can have different ones for different outfits, evening occasions and so on.  Details such as the shape and size of the handle make all the difference as to how much of a pleasure the stick is to use. Our most popular lines include floral and other patterns, both in adjustable canes and in practical folding canes, which many people find convenient.”

James Smith


Mr James Smith founded the company in 1830 and it has been a household name ever since. Specialising in umbrellas, the company has always moved with the times, embracing technological advances to continue to improve their products. The python skin cane above is a purely collector’s item, and at an eye watering £2,500 it is no surprise. However the company have many beautiful alternatives. Phil from James Smith & Sons mentioned:

“The python skin cane is a piece of malacca cane that has had a python snake skin expertly sewn onto it. It is maybe not the best item to be used as a mobility aid, it’s more of a collector’s piece.

We do have a range of more practical, but very nice, sticks made from hard/exotic woods or with silver handles.”

Wheel chair gloves

Manual wheel chairs can be tough on the hands but especially so in the winter months with harsher weather. Gloves are therefore a necessity, however not all gloves are made equal, and while some are heavy duty with Velcro fastenings, others are hand stitched and lovingly finished. 

Designed 2 Enable


These stylishly finished and fashionable gloves will set you back £75 a pair. However Designed 2 Enable have them in so many beautiful colours and designs it is hard to pick just one. Designed 2 Enable describes the gloves as:

“Each pair of wheelchair gloves is hand-made in the UK using Hair Sheep leather from Africa which offers a perfect pelt for gloves. The Hair Sheep is bred for meat and the leather used as a bi-product.

“The gloves offer a neoprene padded palm and thumb piece and a luxury soft leather feel. The fully adjustable Velcro strap and trim are detailed in a contrasting colour from the rest of the glove, to offer added interest and styling.”

Mobility scooter



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The world’s most expensive mobility scooter is making waves at a stunning £45,000. On show in an incredible display at the Queen’s pharmacist of choice, John Bell & Croyden’s store in Marylebone, these scooters have leather seats, gold finished and Swarovski crystals to boot, making sure whoever will be riding them will be noticed. The worker’s at the Queen’s chemist are as bemused as the public by this display of extravagance, and one worker told reporters: “They’re mad aren’t they? We haven’t sold any yet. I’m not sure I can see the Queen buying one anyway. They’re probably a bit too showy for her.”

Wheel blades


Though maybe not the most luxurious addition to mobility aids, Wheel Blades are perhaps the most daredevil. Although we don’t often come into heavy snow in the UK, if you are a person who regularly comes into contact with wintry climates, these may be the perfect accessory. Turn your wheel chair into a sled with a couple of narrow blades on the wheel. Perfect to glide over snow and ice and keep you moving in any terrain. 

Image Credit:  Stevepb, Pasotti, Classic Canes, James Smith, r,nial bradshawe , Designed 2 Enable,  Wheelblades

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