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Macmillan highlights financial isolation of patients

21st January 2014

Figures have revealed that more than 500 cancer patients across Humberside received grants from Macmillan Cancer Support last year - funds which proved vital in helping to cover costs relating to their treatment.

According to official figures released by the charity, 531 patients in the area were issued a total of £154,716 worth of funding to pay for everything from the installation of curved stairlifts and rise and recliner chairs to clothing, bedding and heating bills.

These statistics outline growing concern about the financial isolation that can follow a cancer diagnosis, with the Macmillan grants in many cases being the only way in which the necessary costs of care can be met.

Dr Fran Woodward, Macmilan Cancer Support’s Director for England, said: “our latest figures are evidence of the financial isolation which can seriously impact people living with cancer. With home incomes often taking a sharp drop as the patient has to take time off work, the rising costs of care is understandably daunting for those affected.”

Help with utility bills, travel costs and mobility aids

While the rising prices of utility bills were among the biggest reasons cited for grant submissions, the money needed to cover travel costs has also reportedly increased, as more people in rural communities are having to travel long distances in order to receive treatment.

Macmillan awarded £9.6 million to more than 32,500 patients during 2013, highlighting the importance of the service for people up and down the country. Designed to meet the urgent practical needs of sufferers, the grants can be applied for either by patients or by healthcare professionals upon their behalf by filling out a questionnaire. Anyone struggling with the cost of care can get in contact with Macmillan by calling their helpline on 0300 1000 200.

The availability of these grants will come as welcome news for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer recently, offering a helping hand to pay for necessary home improvements like accessible baths and stairlifts.

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