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Madrid looks into mature roommates

21st April 2017

Many societies are ageing, and as the average age of a population increases, so do the issues facing the infrastructure of many countries. While health services prepare for a greater strain on their resources, developers begin looking into facilities designed with older people and their needs in mind.

Though many towns and cities across the country offer day centres and activities to keep the older generation active and social, Madrid is looking into a more permanent solution. People who live alone face increased rates of depression and loneliness as they are at greater risk to being isolated in the community. In order to avoid this, Madrid is looking for ageing residents to move in together. 

While many people may assume they are too old for roommates, in reality, the plan has many positives. Not only will it reduce isolation in the older community, it will also reduce living costs as people can share the costs for mobility facilities such as stairlifts.  Though Madrid’s plans are only in the conception stage, there needs to be much more thought before it is viable. Many feel the reward for receiving a senior into their home is negligible as the state fails to produce enticements, however it does expose the innovative thinking towards the ageing population shown by other countries.

Other countries have sought alternative ways in which to merge their society, while Norway looks into sending its older citizens away to warmer climates more suited to an older generation, Finland and the Netherlands attempt to encourage students and seniors to cohabitate in order to share life skills as well as bridge the gap between generations. With the UK’s care systems already struggling, there is little likelihood of any reprieve as the country continues to age. Many people will be watching Madrid to see if their scheme is successful and possibly imitating it in the future. 

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