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Medical research study targets older residents in Luton

13th September 2016

A European health study has focused its research on older people living in Luton, Bedfordshire.

The study is part of a drive to get men and women over the age of 70 to become healthier and more active in later life, with the aim of finding out how best to treat older people who suffer with illnesses and age-related conditions to give them a better quality of life.

The Luton-based professor, who is also chief investigator of the study, Professor Alan Sinclair from Diabetes Frail at the Medici Medical, told the Luton on Sunday: “We want to see what is the most beneficial way to prevent disability in older adults who are physically frail and suffer from sarcopenia, which is a condition that reduces the bulk of muscle mass and strength in the legs as a result of ageing.”

Those who are leading the study hope as many older individuals get involved as possible to increase the chance of possible cures to the condition. In the meantime, older people are taking advantage of the technological advancements in products such as curved stairlifts, enabling those with reduced mobility to get from A to B in their homes.  

Professor Alan Sinclair added: “We are hugely excited to be participating in this three-year study, which is part of a major European project involving 1,500 people across nine different countries.”

The research is being supported by Active London, a charitable trust which actively improves the lives of Luton residents, regardless of age, gender or culture. The European Commission will also be funding the study, acknowledging the importance of the research for many around the world.

Chief Executive of Active Luton, Helen Barnett, commented: “We are proud to support such an important study, which we believe will benefit the people of the town and beyond.

“We are always trying to find interesting ways to get people in the area on their feet and exercising. We firmly believe being active can help people both physically and mentally, whatever age they are.” 

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