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Mobility-restricted residents at risk in Dorking

30th April 2014

Residents living in Dorking who struggle with mobility difficulty have branded the town’s pavements a death trap as they are in high need of repair to improve their condition and reduce the risk of falls sustained by pedestrians. With one elderly resident sustaining a broken hip from a fall in the area recently, there are increased concerns for elderly and mobility-restricted residents in the area.

It is thought that the abnormally wet weather for this time of year has been the root cause of much of the damage sustained by Dorking’s pavements, with some local residents claiming that the state of the pavements is worse than that of the potholes sustained by the area’s roads. With such damage occurring to the walkways, many are concerned that not only will the mobility-impaired residents of Dorking find trouble in walking to the local shops, but even those with a full bill of health could be at risk of tripping.

A sad sight in South Street

Many elderly residents who rely on home stair lifts and walking aids to get around both at home and outside have been put at risk by the deteriorating state of the area’s walkways as South Street is often used by elderly residents and those in a nearby care home.

The local county council is facing a tough time as they have already fixed 18,500 potholes in the area caused by January and February’s flooding and are set to repair up to 17,000 more in the coming weeks. While many residents are unhappy with the state of their pavements and are concerned for their safety, Surrey County Council have assured them that South Street has been scheduled to receive work as a part of the upcoming work programmes.

While the state of local pavements is often out of the control of local residents they can ensure that their home is accessible and safe for lower levels of mobility through the introduction of some of Handicare’s superb mobility devices, including walk in showers and baths that can help the elderly avoid slips and falls in the bathroom.

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