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Mobility Roadshow to return in 2015

22nd August 2014

The Mobility Roadshow is set to return next year after taking a year out in 2014. The Roadshow is due to return to Donington Park between the 25th and the 27th June 2015 and is expected to be back with a bang.

The Mobility Roadshow was established as an event for anyone with a mobility issue, where they can see what is currently on offer to help them. It offers visitors of the show the chance to try out and compare stairlift prices, driving solutions and mobility aids offered by a range of companies to work out what works best for them. After taking a year out in 2014, many will be very happy to see its return in 2015.

“The event will return to its core focus”

Mobility Choice is the charity behind the event and Chairperson Ann Frye said of their return, “Having taken time out to re-evaluate the event and consult widely with past visitors to the show, exhibitors and other parties, we have been given a clear and overwhelming message that there is a need for the Roadshow to continue. The event will return to its core focus on accessible motoring, whether for drivers or passengers.”

This renewed focus makes its location at Donington Park perfect as NFE Group Ltd will be able to once again deliver a top test drive management facility so that visitors of the event can trial out all of the different options now available on the current mobility market and hopefully find a product to suit them and regain a sense of independence.

Frye insisted that the break was the right choice as they have been able to take this time to speak with and listen to visitors and exhibitors about ways in which to improve the Roadshow, allowing them to come back bigger and stronger than ever before in 2015. Now prospective visitors have the chance to register their interest in the event from the comfort of their orthopaedic rise and recliner chairs just by visiting their website:

To find out more about the Mobility Roadshow and other mobility events going on around the country see the Handicare mobility events calendar.

Image Credit: The Mobility Roadshow

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