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Moveable homes being considered to help Dorset’s older people

27th April 2018


Many areas of the UK are looking into strategies that are aimed at supporting their communities of older adults, however, some counties have to take more immediate action as their population is ageing at a faster rate than others. While London boroughs may be on the younger end of the UK’s average population, Dorset is, by contrast, a popular county for many to retire in.

Some of what makes Dorset appealing, such as close-knit communities and rural and picturesque villages, may also be hindering older adults having the best experience later in life. Being isolated and relying on public transport can hinder social lives and increase loneliness in older adults. Older properties are also unlikely to have recent adaptations to ageing such as wider doorways for wheelchairs or modern stairlifts to help the user reach multiple levels.

In order to offer affordable and suitable accommodation, low-cost moveable homes are being considered in Dorset. These purpose-built homes are similar to holiday caravans, however costing around £45,000 each they are more substantial and are accessible. 

There are expectations to begin creating ‘care village’ accommodation. This would be multiple of these modular homes with access to care services and extra care housing. Projections believe there is up to 260 social care users who would be in need of re-housing over the next four years, while 160 of those will need more immediate help, within the next 12 months.

It is hoped these ‘care village’ accommodations will find appropriate locations, and many are calling for them to be included in already established communities. Cllr Jill Haynes called for the consideration to be given to finding central locations, rather than on the edge of towns and villages: “People are often quite isolated in their own homes…we need to work closer with communities to ensure that they get more than just the visits they need from their carer.”

Image Credit: Clive Perrin

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