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New exhibition showcases art and photography work from older people

11th July 2017

The art work and photography of older people is being displayed as part of a brand-new exhibition in Govanhill in Scotland.

Senior residents, aged from 67 to 82, have been learning and using new skills to showcase their local community and the wider city of Glasgow through paintings and photographs.

Classes offer older people companionship

The photography and art classes that have been set-up offer older people an opportunity to try new skills. It is also a vital source of companionship  in the area, especially for those with mobility problems who need to use stairlifts at home, as it allows them to enjoy their new hobby and meet up with friends.

One member of the group, Jim Wilson requires a walking stick to get around outside, but despite his disability he still attends the art and photography classes.

Speaking to the Evening Times, Mr Wilson said, “The company is really important for me and getting to go out to different places around Glasgow - we go to the art galleries and Queens Park and the Burrell Collection.

“It gives me a wee bit of freedom and the chance to see places we have been as young people.

“I'm not as active as I was but everyone is very supportive and if I have a problem then someone will help me.”

The Larkfield Digital Photography Group and the art group run once a week and both groups have special equipment to help people who struggle with limited dexterity.

Tommy Millar, who teaches the group, adds, “About a year ago we got a grant to buy DSLR cameras - previously they had just been using wee point and shoot cameras.”

The art and photography exhibition is taking place at the Larkfield Centre and will be running until August before moving to the Govanhill Library. Organisers are also hoping to create a display at Glasgow City Chambers to show off all the work there as well.

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