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New gallery celebrates older athletes

21st August 2019


A new photography exhibition aims to change the perception of older people, as it displays inspirational images of athletes aged 60 and above.

Although they may use home stair lifts and accessible features in their homes, many older people are still passionate about sport and healthy lifestyles. The photographs, that are displayed on College Green in Bristol, are proof that age really has no limit when it comes to active living.

The exhibition, titled ‘No Limits’, aims to help change the way younger people view their elders, by demonstrating they capable of achieving something great. Bristol-based photographer Alex Rotas created the exhibition. She tells the BBC: “Younger people need to see the joy that's to be had as you get older, that you can continue to push yourself, I really hope the exhibition shows the joy that sport and physical activity can bring and that it will make younger people feel less depressed about getting old.”

Alex was inspired to create this exhibition after seeing the Masters Athletics Championships, whereby people aged 80 and above were sprinting, clearing hurdle and long jumping. Amongst the 35 images, there are also photographs of locals practising Tai Chi or running through parks.

The oldest athlete photographed is Man Kaur, who is still competing as a shot putter aged 103. Also featured is Anne Dockery, who despite being 71, can regularly run 1,500m in under seven minutes.

Alex Rotas continues to tell Bristol Health Partners: “My pictures of elite older athletes are proof that at 60, 70, 80, 90 and above the human body is capable of a lot more than most of us think. But I recognise we can’t all be record-beaters and medal winners. So, I am also exhibiting images of everyday Bristol seniors demonstrating that it's possible to gain physical, mental and social benefits from any level of physical activity.”

The exhibition is supported is by Active Ageing Bristol, an initiative to help inspire and enable older people to live a healthy life by creating opportunities for sport and physical activity. Tourists and locals can walk along the college green for free and look at photographs on display, all of which are fitted with solar lighting, so they can be visible no matter the time of day.

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