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New York Times publishes expert's mobility aid advice

30th October 2013

Debra Drelich, a specialist on caring for older people, has answered New York Times readers’ questions about assisted living for their ageing relatives. Over 100 questions regarding stair lifts for the home, the discussion of mobility and mental difficulties, and knowing when an assisted living solution is needed were submitted to the New York Times.

One of the questions chosen for publication came from a couple who are currently in their 70s. They asked Drelich when they will know that they need some extra support and what they could do in the meantime to prepare for their future. Drelich's reply was to "plan ahead as much as you can" and take the opportunity to put ideas in place sooner rather than later.

When considering options, staying at home is a desirable choice for many people, but it can become a dangerous environment if mobility deteriorates. Drelich recommended a number of minor interior changes that could make this desire possible and safe, including installing shower chairs and stairlifts. Other options could be to move into an assisted living facility that already has these items installed or to hire care support at home.

Plenty more questions were also put to Drelich, ranging from how to sensitively suggest a care idea to a family member to gaining access to community services. Her advice provides hope for those at risk of losing their independence by suggesting that stairlifts, walk in showers and baths and other assistive aids can ‘convert a difficult home to navigate into a safe accessible place’, as well as covering other important issues that are tough to face without help. Above all, her advice demonstrates that independent living which is safe and comfortable can be achieved with the right support.

Click here to read the full New York Times article of advice on independent or assisted living for older people.

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