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Northampton residents upset by lack of response from council

12th March 2015

Elderly and disabled residents of sheltered homes in Northampton have been left angered following the lack of response from the council despite submitting a petition in July last year. The petition was put together in order to ask the council for a disabled car park outside the sheltered and retirement housing in Spencer Haven, as there is currently no designated parking for residents. To add insult to injury, a new parking facility was recently built for residents in nearby Dallington Haven.

This has caused many problems for those living in the flats and bungalows, as many find it difficult to transfer shopping from cars to their homes and ambulances have also experienced difficulty accessing the households. Both shopping delivery vans and ambulances have been known to have to park in the middle of the road due to the congested parking and lack of space. Residents have described the addition of a car park as something they desperately need and are very upset that the request seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

Residents still waiting for a response following July 2014’s petition

50 out of the 55 residents signed the petition, which highlights the want and need for designated parking in the area. Currently, only one disabled parking space is provided for the residents, even though a number of the residents have disabilities, mobility difficulties and rely on home adaptations such as walk in showers and bath tubs.

It has been reported by the Northampton Chronicle that the councillor involved has passed on the responsibility to Northampton Partnership Homes, who currently look after the housing. However, it is thought that the councillor in question is going to write to the company, in order to make sure that they are aware of the request of the residents and their petition filed nine months ago.

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