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Older adults stealing Millennials thunder on Instagram

29th June 2017

Instagram is a social media platform that encourages sharing photos and videos. As with many different forms of social media, it is often assumed to be a young person’s game, however there are a few people proving that mantra wrong. Regardless of age and ability, social media is all about being social, and sharing, whether that is accomplishments in the garden, or just beautiful scenery in your local area.

The top picks include the most inspiring that cover a wide range of activities and abilities, so whether you are reliant on mobility aids, such as a new stairlift, you can still engage online. 

Geoffrey Walker


For a gorgeous insight into a countryside retirement, look no further than Geoffrey Walker. His account is filled with images of a beautifully tended garden, loving shots of his wife and grandchildren as well as uplifting quotes that promote well-being and individuality. It is a far cry from the glamourous shots that have become synonymous with Instagram, but considering Geoffrey has 32.3k followers he must be doing something right. Whether it is a return to traditional values that appeals, or his guileless affection of those around him, Geoffrey engages with a wonderful honesty. 


Jonathan Look has the travel bug, and it has got him bad. There is no image on Lifepartii that is anything less than stunning. Every place Jonathan goes he portrays with a beautiful honesty, whether its landscapes or local life, they are all a testament to his incredible photography skills but lacking the regular selfies that seem to hamper other, more mainstream travel accounts.

We spoke to Jonathan, who shares his experiences on his blog, Life Part 2 as well as Instagram, about the positives of this platform:

"I love exploring and publishing on Instagram because, although the interface is simple to use, the images and information are inspiring. Some of the world's best travel photographers share their finds in a more informal way than most portfolios and some of my favourite writers use Instagram as a platform to share their thoughts and inspiration.

"If "a picture paints a thousand words" Instagram makes it simple to soak in information about my favourite topics. I also find it endlessly entertaining and inspirational.

"I think some people are intimidated by the technology, but Instagrams, clean and simple interface disguises a depth of information not as readily found on other platforms. I think it is one of the best platforms out there, especially for more "mature" users."


There is something irrepressible about Sue Krietzman and her Instagram is no different. This consistently bright account is guaranteed to cheer you up as Sue shows off her eclectic jewellery and unendingly exciting jaunts. Sue confesses she is self-taught and untutored, with an insatiable attitude to the artists that she is inspired by and in turn inspires. She has found her feet from her beginnings as a food writer, to a force in the raw art movement, heavily influenced by folk and outsider art. If you are expecting anything pretentious, low key or subtle, then this isn’t an account to follow. Instead Sue Kreitzman’s Instagram is pure enthusiasm.

Baddie Winkle


Baddie Winkle (aka Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle) is the epitome of growing old disgracefully. Unknown until she became an internet sensation at the age of 85, Baddie Winkle is verging on Instagram royalty. Despite the fact she uses Instagram to promote her own views and political opinion, she mostly destroys any idea that being over a certain age means being irrelevant. Despite the walking sticks and other mobility aids that often feature in her posts she pulls in 3.1 million followers, including main stream celebrities, Baddie Winkle is not letting anything slow her down.

Nancy Birtwhistle

Thank you my brilliant audience @cakeandbakeshow Manchester. You laughed in all the right places #gbbo #baking #pastry #liveaudience

A post shared by Nancy Birtwhistle (@nancy.birtwhistle) on


The Great British Bake Off has become a classic, with an almost cult following across every demographic as the contestants become bosom friends and the drama often leaves the British public on tender hooks. Nancy Birtwhistle was no different as she went on to win Series 5 in 2014. Since then she has taken to sharing her expertise on social media, initially through a blog, but since finding Instagram, she hasn’t looked back.

Not one to shy away from challenges, Nancy has the platform for her #365challenge where she intends to share a tip or trick every day. Nancy spoke about the usability of Instagram and why it is perfect for the older adult to engage with:

“Instagram is totally visual and very succinct which is quite good and interactive, it allows me to take photos and videos on my phone and just upload them. It is easy to become sucked in to social media, but because of my current 365 challenge I am less aware of what other people are doing. I know its social media etiquette to like and retweet but I just don’t have time right now.

“Older people are interesting on social media, they have a lot to contribute, the very young just seem to take selfies of themselves. Whereas older people have so much experience and knowledge to share. I post things I think everyone will know, but they don’t and social media is a way of learning from people without having to ask. It is also important for older people to be engaged and can be a shared interest with the grandkids. I think people are frightened because they think it is complicated, but you just set up an account, play and have a look about, maybe post a couple of photos, doesn’t have to be particularly personal to start with.”

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